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Mental Health: Muslims

It is an established fact that Muslims have twice the number of mental health problems as non-Muslims.  This is explained in part by their theological beliefs.  Their beliefs fall into two categories:

  1.  What the Koran teaches (67% irrational).
  2.  What Muslims claim the Koran teaches (3% irrational).

The problem is, as studies show (from RealiLty Rules), Muslims follow #1 (Koran teachings) 98% of the time and #2 (claimed Koran teachings) only 2% of the time.  In plain English, most Muslims are liars and follow an irrational theology.

Biblical Dignity

Dignity as defined by the Bible says that, in “private matters,” male patients must be treated by male doctors and female patients must be treated by female doctors.  There are two exceptions: (1) children who have not yet developed gender identity (male identity for males and female identity for females and none of this nonsense of female identity for males and male identity for females) or (2) situations where severe need and/or human life requires immediate help and matching-gender doctors are absolutely unavailable, unless the patient directly rejects opposite-gender doctors, with the caveats that the patient may change their mind and/or the patient’s suffering while unconscious is demonstrably excessive.  See also Bad Hospitals.