Dr. Michael J. Bisconti is an ordained minister and a graduate of a number of schools of higher learning (B.R.E., Education, Midwestern Baptist College, Michigan) with postgraduate work (N.D., Psychiatry, Providence Christian Seminary, Florida) and with postgraduate and doctoral work (M.S., Computer Science, Ph.D., Applied Computer Science, Ph.M.D., Pneumiatric Psychiatry, Chicago Christian University, Illinois). Dr. Bisconti‚Äôs doctoral work in applied computer science subsumed work in several nontechnology disciplines, including, among others, textual criticism and theoretical physics. Dr. Bisconti is board-certified by the American Board of Pneumiatric Psychiatry and Neurology, Inc. In 2013, Dr. Bisconti earned his Ph.D. in biology with his thesis “XD: The Theory of Indeterminate Design.” In 2019, Dr. Bisconti earned his D.D. with his thesis “The Perfect Defense of the King James Bible.”

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